wrath of the woman

Worldwide, women everywhere are celebrating one another today. Differences and circumstances aside, we cheer for the strides we’ve made. Small victories that reflect voices that were previously silenced for far too long. There’s a fury behind this modern wave of feminism—an unwavering passion and a sense of admirable conviction that is inspiring ripples of meaningful change.

As women, our hands and our voices translate as our greatest assets. Our voices shed light on the matters that weigh on our hearts, and give us a stage of proclamation—a space where our battle cries are heard. A single voice is a token of validation. And when a single voice is supported by a choir of voices behind it, a search for validation evolves as something far greater. Inspired by volume and magnitude, it becomes a battle cry that echoes—it gets louder and louder, to the point in which it can no longer be ignored. WE marched. WE cried. WE insisted. And WE inspired change.

But our potential, our presence, our superpowers aren’t merely rooted in our voices. Our hands perpetrate the passion within. Because internally, we are intricate collages of contradiction. We marry lightening and love, hope and heart, fire and fiery, beauty and boss, power and pride. And in light of it, our hands empower us to stand together. To join forces with the women by our sides. To activate our desire to be conspirators for change.

Our hands allow us to create purpose in our passion. To transcend our roles as mothers and wives and middle-class employees in an effort to create a world that empowers women to challenge the notion of who and what they want to be. Our hands resemble agents of change. The things we do, the magic we make, the causes we fight for. It all comes down to the things we commit to DOING. Maybe it’s art or philanthropy or activism. Regardless of the execution, we are all innately wired to nurture the things that have a place in our heart. So, I challenge you: What will you do this Women’s Day to push the agenda? To make the world a better place for women?

Maybe it’s sharing a sincere compliment. Or reaching out to a woman in your life who would benefit from a little kindness. Or challenging a conversation that you inherently know fails to serve you and the women around you. Today and every day, we’re on our way to championing the modern woman’s experience, and we’re doing it together. Happy International Women’s Day from your sisters at etheReal. x