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hello friends.

On Sundays I like to: First: wake up late… later than I probably should. But who cares. The sun finding its way through my windows, resting on my face, reviving me from night's deep sleep. Second: recap on the weekend with the girls. Nothing better than a good ole morning recap. Third: Seize the day! … But only after I’ve spent half the day letting my mind be still for a minute, reminding myself of the peace that can exist in the hectic world. Honestly, these are my ideal Sundays.

My life's mantra is: Love your neighbors as yourself. I think this is most important of all. I have a poster above my bed that reads, “Be kind to all of your neighbors because they’re just like you. And you’re nothing special unless they are too.” I love the authentic truth that radiates from these words. It’s like the grownup version of the phrase mama raised me on, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Such a real reminder.

Find me singing off key to: Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest for sureee. In the car, with my best friends, singing wayyyy to loud. Driving in circles simply to listen to the song on repeat over and over again. Good vibes for sure. Try it when you’re bored, try it when you have everything or nothing to do.  

I constantly: Remind myself that life is one big canvas. We are the Lord’s paintbrushes. Our passions are the colors we choose to place onto this canvas. Daunting it can be, but beautiful we can make it. He trusts in us to make decisions that reflect the honesty of the world. If we aren’t going through life with the intentions of painting something beautiful with each and every one of our strokes, each of our movements and days, then what the hell are we doing? 

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