I'm destined to: be a world traveler, a tireless advocate for women and self-empowerment, and most importantly, someone who will always try and see the glass as half full (even when I really, really don't want to).

In my life, I will: never stop pursuing the things that form me into my happiest self. If that means I have to make a career out of thrift shopping, Goodwill here I come!

If I were a celebrity, I'd be: Monica Padman. Don’t know who she is? That’s the point, she’s just the right amount of famous that she can be a normal human but also get invited to the oscars. I know her from the podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard–she’s the producer of the podcast and is also bffs with Dax and Kristen Bell. I just love her so much. Any Armcherries out there?!

My guilty pleasure (one of them) is: binge watching all episodes of Jersey Shore and loving it - I know I'm not alone guys. I also just discovered Floribama Shore which I highly recommend if you loved JS. I just love a good laugh and feeling like my life is somewhat put together compared to the lifestyle the characters live - is that weird?? 

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