relaunched: unfiltered, uncensored, unleashed


2017 was a year that resembled small victories for women in America. Baby steps that translate as moments of triumph that we’ve been waiting for for far too long. 

From the inception of the women’s march just over a year ago to the wave of the #MeToo movement, the mission of women to band together in pursuit of justice with the #TimesUp campaign and all the other strides we’ve made in an effort to demand change, we’re leaning in to a historic conversation where the pinnacle is on the horizon.

In November, the women of Velvet + Vinyl launched a series we called, “What It Means To Be a Woman”. Through those different posts, we shared our own perceptions of what it means, or rather, how it feels, to be a woman in today’s world. With our own experiences at the root of our words, we examined some of the topics that have surfaced in the national conversation surrounding women.

We considered our role models—the women who have raised us, strengthened us and inspired us to be the best women we know how to be. We thought about androcentrism, and the empty belief that all opinions are inherently male. We talked about the inadequacies of women that are thrust upon us by society. We mused about confidence and the “rebellion” that women have brought to the table as we’ve disrupted the patriarchy with our intolerance for the way things have been for the years and years before us.


Through all these different lenses, our voices were what empowered us to bring all of these thoughts and ideas to the surface.

From a macro view, the voices of women—from all classifications of wealth, race, sexuality, religion and more—have become more powerful than ever. Our stories, experiences and most candid convictions are augmenting change in an entirely new way.

For those of you who have followed the evolution Velvet + Vinyl, you know of our commitment to exploring our inner selves through a lens that focuses on the expression of our style, the music that resonates with our soul and the stories that inspire the depths of who we really are.

As the power of women's voices continue to disrupt the world and rewrite a story that’s been biased for so long, we began reconsider our approach at V+V. This change inspired a season of soul-searching where we identified new goals for our team and rethought the impact that we want our creative output to have on our readers and the women who make this community what it is. Much like the women who have tirelessly fought to elicit change in today’s world, our girl gang represents and embodies so many different facets of these shared struggles.


In 2018, we hope that Velvet + Vinyl will continue to explore style, music and purposeful storytelling, but in a way that brings our unique voices forward in hopes of disrupting the surface. Because we see style as being so much more than form-fitting jeans and mascara that accentuates the colors of our eyes. Because we know that music isn’t just background noise, and because we believe the words we sing often impact us on a deeper level. Because we know that the stories that make us who we are deserve to be liberated from silence and shared with the world around us.

This is the new Velvet + Vinyl. Unfiltered, uncensored and unleashed. We’re giving the middle finger to self-doubt, fear, inadequacy, and all the other bullshit that negates our experiences as women. Through our inherent creativity and our unwavering commitment to telling stories of the modern woman, we invite you to lean in with us to rewrite something bigger, something better, and something more inspiring.

After all, who run the world?